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Over the past six months, the teleconferencing format for formal corporate communications has become commonplace even for small local Ukrainian companies. Employees can easily navigate the functions of popular platforms Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet. Everyone is familiar and almost everyone adheres to the main rules of a communication session - "hold" microphones and turn off cameras. Even a young intern can organize a standard online meeting. However, online events are not limited to the standard formal conference facilities.

For Kiev and other cities of Ukraine, there are risks of being in the orange or even red zone, when all offline events are illegal. Many large companies are considering organizing online events instead of traditional offline events.

This article will focus on organizing and conducting extraordinary and informal online events dedicated to special occasions ... Pretentious launches and presentations, dynamic conferences and even merry New Year's parties! Precisely, pretentious! Dynamic! Merry! The main thing is not to miss the technological opportunities that quarantine gave to the world, add to them the creativity, organizational experience of the event agency, which will organize the online broadcast of your corporate event.

If you are still wondering whether to hold an event online? Let's weigh the pros and cons. Pluses of extraordinary online events ... Firstly, the audience is not limited to one city, region or even country. Secondly, full independence in terms of date and time. Thirdly, significant savings in renting a location, restaurant, transport and accommodation for participants. The downside of extraordinary online events, like traditional ones, is the lack of an opportunity to fully experience the audience. Another disadvantage inherent in traditional online rallies is monotony and sluggishness. But in the case of correct event management and technical solutions, this drawback is leveled.

The latest technologies have long been available, but today they are still in demand. The event agency Prischepkin Event-Team together with technical contractors have developed their own solution for broadcasting from the office - "". one location, four filming points, two cameras and two presenters that turn an online event into a small interactive TV show.

The main location can be a company office or any rented creative space. Each of the four survey points performs its own function, provided by the scenario. 
At the reception, the presenter greets the participants, introduces the rules and regulations of the online event, passes the floor to the next point - the conference room, where the second presenter of the event hands over the microphone to the Chief of the Company for a solemn address to the employees. At the third point, a set of lighting and musical equipment with a DJ stand and a real playing DJ is installed. Here a small group of really present employees creates the mood for the rest of the participants by participating in interactions. Of course, all quarantine rules are followed. And the employees are invited from among the interesting, able to speak. Collecting correct answers to quiz questions, voting - in a meeting chat or additional programs. The fourth point is an office lounge corner. The presenter communicates with guests and employees on general topics, for example, about personal achievements during the quarantine.

On a special video console, the signals from the cameras are collected into a single stream and sent to the online broadcast of the selected platform.

This technical solution and additional decor at the location allow you to dress an online event in conceptual clothes from the "Venice Carnival" with masks to incredible creative solutions - "Tenet: back and forth!"

A distinctive feature of informal online events, for example, a New Year's corporate party, is the presence of a dress code. Masks, hats, themed costumes will definitely decorate the broadcast. In addition, the "Competition for the best dress code" with the presentation of images is an excellent challenge during preparation and a bright interactive during an online event, which allows all employees of the Company to get on the air.

Returning to technical issues, we note the need for a rehearsal. Everything is almost like on television. Checking cameras, microphones. It is especially important to check the broadcast of the audio signal of the video content. On some platforms, the audio for videos is turned on separately and must be done before the broadcast begins.

Don't forget to send out treats! Ordinary, to a physical address, by New mail or couriers. Online online, but food and alcohol usual for offline events will not be canceled by any quarantine. You can get away with transferring money yourself to order pizza and buy a bottle of wine, but branded boxes with corporate gifts and thoughtful food set will be appreciated higher.

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