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City Clinic. 10 years

The modern multidisciplinary clinic for the whole family "City Clinic" is 10 years old! The anniversary is a worthy occasion to take stock, outline plans for the next ten years and, in the end, an excellent occasion for a large medical family to gather at a common table at a corporate event.

Taking into account the coronavirus situation in the world and in Ukraine, the management of the clinic, with the support of the Prischepkin Event-Team event agency (Kiev), found an excellent, safe solution for organizing and holding the holiday that everyone deserved. The employees of the three City Clinics were gathered by a cozy summer area of ​​the Province on the Dnieper restaurant. It was warm both literally and figuratively - the weather did not disappoint and no one forgot their good mood at home.

The guests were greeted by a solemnly decorated hall and a press wall with a “ten” on the clinic's logo, designed specifically for the celebration. At some point, the host of the event, Yegor Prischepkin, had to persistently advertise an empty buffet table, because all the attention of the staff was drawn to the photo zone. Hundreds of photos from the meeting of the guests have adorned the feeds of social networks.

A true family spirit was given attention to every employee present at a corporate event. Both newcomers and veterans of the clinic received their moment of fame. If the first received funny gifts in the form of chocolate baby nipples, then the elders - with words of gratitude from the leadership, received certificates for rest in Turkey.

On the big screen of the banquet hall, photos of corporate events of past years were now and then broadcast, allowing you to travel in time. Thanks to this photo film, the employees managed to visit the first clinic, which was located on Zhilyanskaya Street. Modern photographs of the City Clinic were turned into a “puzzle with puzzles” - the employees, without much hesitation, guessed their native branches on Nauki Avenue, Akhmatova and Mendeleev Streets from small fragments on the screen.

In between solemn toasts, colleagues told funny professional stories. Traditionally, many stories are told by surgeons and anesthesiologists, but this time, unexpectedly for everyone, the administrators of clinics, who are, as they say, at the forefront, have become reliable keepers and storytellers of medical tales.

The three-tiered birthday cake was set against a background of multicolored smoke - a symbol of the vibrant next decade of the multidisciplinary clinic's activities. The first piece was symbolically cut off by the head of City Klinka, Lyubov Anatolyevna Tkachuk, the person who made the clinic appear. Happy Birthday, City Clinic! New achievements!

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