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Behind the scenes of the event, the contractors of the agency sometimes, jokingly, find out which of them is more important. Who makes the event bright, special and unique - the distributor of sound and light, the musicians or the host of the event? Such disputes end in "friendship." Not only because all participants in the process during the organization and holding of the event contribute their share to the overall success, but because the person who makes the event unique is not present at the event itself. It's about a graphic designer.


The designer is the first to convey the idea and reason to the event participants. Business conferences, New Year's corporate parties and summer teambuildings take on a soul, become exclusive in a series of identical ones thanks to emotional graphic solutions.


The event agency Prischepkin Event-Team, realizing the importance of the visual component, from the very beginning of the project's life pays due attention to its design. As part of the organization of corporate events, a unique logo, a symbolic brand book with uniform graphic, compositional and color solutions is being developed. They are used at all stages - from an invitation card, packaging a corporate gift to the production of stage decorations and the development of content for video screens.


In order not to miss anything during the organization and holding of the event, we systematize our knowledge of event design and get five conventional groups: design for electronic media, print design, product design, set design and video content design.


Design for electronic media

• Creation of layouts of invitation cards for any events: New Year's corporate parties, corporate events, business forums, partner conferences, presentations, corporate championships, summer teambuildings, etc. Sent by e-mail, which allows you to quickly contact participants not only in Kiev, but throughout Ukraine and abroad;

• Creation of website design or landing pages for business events, exhibitions and business forums;

• Design of mobile applications for conferences, such as the Prischepkin Event App from the Prischepkin Event-Team agency;

• Development of augmented and virtual reality (VR), which is now popular in Kiev, Ukraine and abroad.


Print design

• Creation of classic paper information carriers: invitation cards with envelopes, booklets and brochures, badges and business cards;

• Design of individual printed versions of the menu of gala dinners, as well as personalized table plates;

• Development of layouts of posters and posters. For example, for a corporate New Year's concert, a professional holiday or an open business forum;

• Certificates, diplomas, diplomas and other awards for participants, both internal corporate events and external marketing events;

• Design of route sheets, forms, pennants for corporate team building outdoors or in the office;

• Important "little things" that we always remember: the logo on the tablet of the host of the event, the signs on the windshield of the tour bus and in the hands of those who meet the guests.


Object design

• Development of models for branding of souvenir products, corporate gifts and packaging, taking into account all technical parameters (dimensions, material, application technology);

• Creation of unique items, for example, exclusive art objects, badges, key rings;

• Layouts for applying images to textiles (promotional clothing, tablecloths, towels, etc.). Branded textiles in Kiev are often used at business events or exhibition stands.


Set design

• Development of stage design and structures in the hall;

• Design of layouts of press walls, photo zones and additional elements, for example, "bubbles" with quotes;

• Navigation layouts: arrows, headings, seating schemes for guests, table numbering;

• Creation of combined phyto-compositions using conceptual objects, for example, construction helmets, books, carnival masks, etc .;

• Aerodesign, including the development of layouts for applying images to balls;

• Tournament tables and advertising banners on sports grounds.


Content on video screens

• Development of video screensavers, dynamic and static backgrounds for large LED screens;

• Titles for music videos and corporate films;

• Templates, ie uniform backgrounds of presentations, which are demonstrated by different speakers of conferences or partnership meetings;

• Video-interactives, which are used in their work by conference moderators or presenters of corporate events.


The power of the designer's magic is felt from the very beginning of the proposal. It should be recognized that the submission of an offer to the customer is often more important than the content. Tenders are won thanks to beautiful pictures, and high-quality event design makes the event convincing.

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