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Event Industry Forum 2021. Resume


Event Industry Forum 2021 gathered at Arena Lviv representatives of event agencies not only from Kyiv. There was all of Ukraine. Representatives of Ukrainian show business and distributors of music, lighting and video equipment for corporate and private events also came to the Forum.

I share the verdict on the prospects for the development of the event industry in 2021. What to expect from the organizers of concert, corporate events and business events.

So, no one buried offline (classic live events)! The coronavirus paused them, but not stopped. Online is an up-to-date tool for inventory. We will use it if necessary, like an umbrella in the rain. Online will stay with us during offline events as a good, better learned friend. Although I would limit myself to the wording - "broadcast" during a regular event. Most likely, the online option will be used for business events, business forums and conferences. It is unlikely that it will be financially justified to spend twice on hybrid events.

Event agencies that stay in business should not expect turbulent payback times like previous "bread" times. Measure yourself. Don't bite yourself! But do not sit still! Occupy yourself - look for "new forms". At the same time, perceive the new as an experiment, not a business!

The private sector with the organization of weddings, children's birthdays and anniversaries is now more lively. Both in Kyiv and Odesa, as well as in other cities of Ukraine. All because the customer does not need to coordinate their actions with management, as is the case with corporate events. Unfortunately, private money for all Ukrainian event agencies will not be enough, there is no sense in reformatting "from scratch".

Rental of concert sound, lighting equipment, owners of locations for events to survive now do not sell "iron" and "square meters" - increase the viewing angle! Sell ​​more - opportunities for communication.

On completion. Now the world does not depend on inventors, but on scientists, doctors, governments. Our task is to communicate with the customer's representatives about the possibilities of holding events that appear with the removal of restrictions. The client is "sleepy" after quarantine.

Yegor Prischepkin

# eif2021



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